How did you learn this?


If you mean hypnotic domination, experience.

The first experience I had was when I was 22. I had a partner with a busy mind. She wanted it uncluttered. To help her focus, I’d make her strip, put her hands on her head, and recite a sequence of 100 phrases.

Whenever she got one right, I rewarded her by rubbing her clit. When she got one wrong, she got the crop and had to start over.

Some of the phrases I used in that training have circulated more broadly now. “Slavery makes me cunt wet / my wet cunt makes me a slave” springs to mind.

I realized that I was actually training her when, after a training, she didn’t stop cycling through her phrases, even with my cock in her mouth.

A reminder that stark motivated me to delve much deeper into associated literature to determine how to proceed while resolving the tricky issues of informed consent.

I’ve been hooked on consensually reconditioning puppets ever since.

This is so fucking hot… I want to try this soon.